Amina’s Stories (Egypt)

Performed by: Asmaa Yehia Eltaher
Director: Tracy Cameron Francis
Story collection by: Hossam Fahr

The performance Amina’s Stories is an adaptation of a collection of stories by the Egyptian writer Hossam Fahr. The collection was well received in Egypt when it was first published in 2007 because of its very human and tender way of portraying the relationship between a grandmother and her grandchild:

“I promise you that, from the first to the last page, you will find a part of yourself in the story you are reading. Amina’s Stories are personal tales which resemble our tales, our childhood, and our memories about grandmothers’ stories. The pages will take you back to your own memories in that magical world which gets dark while we grow up, but its charm remains connecting us with the past.” (Rehab Ragaey – July/1/2011)

The performance mixes traditional Egyptian storytelling with modern theatrical techniques in adapting selected stories from the collection. The performance brings to life stories of family, love and loss.

Asmaa Yehia Eltaher is currently working on her PhD dissertation in African theatre. She was able to be a Visiting Scholar at the Martin E. Segal Theatre Center/CUNY Graduate Center to pursue her research. Eltaher is an assistant lecturer in the Theatre department in the Faculty of Arts at Egypt’s Helwan University. She has two undergraduate degrees (Sociology 1998 and Drama and Criticism 2002), as well as an MA in Drama and Criticism 2009. She is also an accomplished actor in Egyptian television, film, and theatre. She performed the solo storytelling play, Amina’s Stories in New York in 2013.