Desperate to Fight (Ethiopia / Uganda)

Performed by: Phillip Luswata, Gladys Oyenbot
Writer: Meaza Worku

In the cosmopolitan City of Addis Ababa, Marta is fighting to lead a life worth living. After three failed marriages, Marta is forced to try yet another marriage arranged by her mother as the solution to biting social judgment. Compared to the love she observes in the relationships of her neighboring couples, Marta’s marriages have been short lived, marked by dramatic swings between love and hatred, but ultimately ending in divorce. The men in her life had at one time been loving husbands, but jealousy, revenge and bankruptcy pushed Marta to end her prior marriages.

Desperate to Fight is a paradoxical story of love, relationships and marriage. It forces us each to question the ground on which we stand. Through the lens of uniquely women’s stories, issues of individual behavior, interpersonal relationships, social norms and political context are considered.

Meaza Worku has never been content to remain within the conventional creative boundaries dictated to. Her first English play, Desperate to Fight , is uniquely daring in both its form and content. Her connection with Sundance Institute’s Eastern Africa program has widened her horizons not only to the East African region, but also to other parts of world theatre. Worku is now devoting herself to a radio sit-com project, Wefe Komech , on Sheger Fm 102.1 and staging Desperate to Fight in Amharic for the first time in Ethiopia.