Performed by


  • KininsoKoncepts Production


  • Joshua Alabi

A Poetry Physical-theatre and dance performance chronicling man’s different belief about Negativity and positivity of Life, through his perception. The race of life and man’s destiny, contrasting between good and evil, poor or rich, existence and essence and all that occurs till the end of mankind. The logical theory of ’dualism’ of life is well played in this piece, as we portray through the Total Theatre a contemporary art piece which gives it’s own view about African belief of death and re-birth. In English language, punctuation means ‘the use of certain marks to clarify meaning of written materials or something that makes repeated and regular interruptions or divisions’. But in this performance ‘Punctuation is a metaphor for those ideologies that cause or create repeated and regular interruptions throughout Man’s existence using poetry, dance, movement, music, and symbols to clarify meanings as man contends with itself in this ’Gladiatorial Space’. Theme: Cosmic Balance and DUALISM

The natural order of life is to be born, live and die. Therefore, Humanity still should remain humanity for the idea of creation or existence lies not in the doctrine that folds us as packs of envelopes nor war, violence, religion, seclusion, and segregation. In mans journey, there exist some object of regular and repeated interruptions, just like in English Language, ’Punctuation’ the use of mark, sign and objects or ’forces’ that forces us to remain eluded in our misery. Man created religion, some will say. Religion imposed doctrines some will agree. Man and religion have been two unseparated brothers from time immemorial, religion of the physical, meta-physical and religion of the mind. Doctrines, maybe, have made us slaves of someone elses thoughts.