Performed by: Eliane Umuhire, Arthur Nkunsi, Kennedy Mazipmaka, Angel Uwamahoro, Simon Rwema, Didier Ntwari, Jolie Peace, Fiona Mbabazi, Eddie Mucyo, Solange Ingabire, and Team Genesis
Director: Hope Azeda

Bridge of Roses is a devised theater piece inspired first by the events of the Genocide against the Tutsi. But at the same time, it raises questions regarding the causes of violence universally and the unrest that plagues the times we live in.

The script explores what it means to be human, especially in turbulent times. By encouraging the audience to walk in the shoes of the four main characters, we are called away from inhibiting, divisive labels that slot us according to social status, politics, ethnicity or nationality and instead be simply humans with other humans.

The piece also explores how hate creates its own destructive cycles and what we can do to break those patterns.

Employing the vivid images of the rose and its thorns, a bridge, a turning wheel and a length of cloth, Bridge of Roses is ultimately a hopeful call forward for all of us., because, after all, “humans are human.”

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Hope Azeda

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