Performed by: Fiona Mutoni, Maryann Njoroge, Jasmine Kibatega, Yves Kijyana, Anita Pendo, Maudrine Naima, Aisha Nampala, Marie Corrazon, Agnes Nabbosa, Sarafina Muhawenimana
Director: Phillip Luswata

When Rachel’s only son comes of age and falls in love with a neighborhood beauty, she celebrates, and the women of the sanctuary celebrate with her. Unbeknownst to them, this day also marks the maturity of her long-preserved anger against the man who abused her modesty, raped her and left her to suffer for eighteen years, raising the reminder of that ugly event, her handsome son. Today, she will have her revenge on all men, and the symbol of that revenge and the brutality of her anger will be her own beloved son; he will suffer himself the pain of abandonment and the betrayal of trust that women raped by their own suffer. Her revenge will be memorable.

This is a story that will be told for generations to come about what a loving mother did to her son in revenge for what a father he never knew did to her. It will take concerted and determined action from her fellow women at the sanctuary of rape survivors to rebuild any sense of motherhood, womanhood, pride of being, and to save a life and restore a family.

Phillip Luswata is an experienced theatre/arts development and interactive communications professional with over fifteen years experience. Phillip is founder and director of the Theatre Factory at the National Theatre in Kampala. He lectures in theatre and film at Makerere University and is a highly rated and respected performer. He has written for television, radio and stage and has contributed to the popular TV dramas Center 4 (a Ugandan medical drama series), Makutano Junction (a popular Kenyan TV series), Kigenya-Agenya (a popular Luganda TV series), Child of a Delegate (TV series), and Akabando K’iminsi (Popular Rwandese TV series).

Luswata has also produced several stage dramas at the National Theatre, radio plays (Quiet and we Hear and Pay for BBC; Mileh fi Leben, a popular radio drama series in South Sudan) and the feature films Waiting for My Tractor and They Stopped Eating Fruits, among many others. He has also been featured in the international feature films Sometime in April and Queen of Katwe.

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