Performed by: Asha Salimu and Kauzeni lyamba
Director: Irene Sanga

Wimbo wa Nyonga is a Kiswahili stage play about Tumaini, a woman, who represents all African women who, for a long time, have suffered from traditions which perpetuate patriarchy.
Tumaini fights against the patriarchal system drawing upon inner strength from her late mother. Although she faces difficulties, she nevertheless decides to continue with her fight, and even competes for a leadership post in the village.

Asha Salimu is the fifth child in a family of nine. From childhood, she thought like an entrepreneur and problem-solver. While valuing her basic education, she chafed under the normal academic expectations and instead was drawn to the performing arts. Salimu pursued training in theater and dance, and earned Bachelors and Masters degrees in Theater Arts. Her thesis project was production of a television soap opera.

Following university, Salimu taught school for twenty years. She also founded Msonge Theater Arts Group in Dar es Salaam in 2003. She is now an assistant lecturer at the public university in Dodoma, Tanzania.

Her girlhood entrepreneurial dreams have been fulfilled in many ways, including finally being able to build her aging parents a home of their own. She is married to Moses Komeka, and together they have three sons, in whose future they are investing with delight.

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