To be or not to be questions our capacity to forgive. Transpoesis, inspired by Shakesepeare’s The Tempest, features Rwandan poets performing on the themes of forgiveness and the possibility of recovering one’s humanity after crimes within families and struggles for power. A poem on stage, the performance is an encounter with fear, jealousy, anger, pain and ... a taste of joy.

"The Tempest should be our textbook for world-healing" writes Simon Callow on Shakespare’s last play. Do I need to forgive in order to be joyful again - that is the question. The poems bring to light the truth that victims and perpetrators are not only linked by a shared history, connected emotionally by horrible crimes, but also freed by the human being’s tremendous capacities to forgive.

The creation around the sentence "I forgive you, though you are a monster" speaks about living in the aftermath of crime, where both victim and perpetrator decide to move along on the road to forgiveness.

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