Produced by Volcano Theatre (Canada) and Richard Jordan Productions

A work of visceral beauty exploring 100 years of Black women’s unspoken history, Century Song takes us on a journey through performance, music, and animated art. ‘Nothing prepares you for what you’re about to see... wordless... magical... you feel that you could stay and watch a complete repeat performance... Glorious’ ***** ( ‘[Volcano is] one of those companies that every theatre city needs – bold, experimental, bubbling with ideas’ (Toronto Star).


Soprano, Co-Creator | Neema Bickersteth

Choreographer, Co-Creator | Kate Alton

Director, Co-Creator | Ross Manson

Composition and Improvisational Themes | Reza Jacobs

Piano, Structured Improvisations, Music Co-Direction | Gregory Oh

Music Co-Direction | Debashis Sinha

Touring Percussionist | Benjamin Grossman

Costume Designer | Charlotte Dean

Set Designer | Camellia Koo

Lighting Designer | Rebecca Picherack

Projection Designers | Torge Møller & Momme Hinrichs (fettFilm, Germany)

Associate Video Designers | Cameron Davis, Kaitlin Hickey, Jeremy Mimnagh

UK Producer: Richard Jordan Productions

Stage Manager: Emilie Aubin

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