Performed by SpotLite Crew

The performance/production focuses on the issues of social stratification and the resulting social inequality in our contemporary world. People have long dreamt of an egalitarian society in which all members are considered to be equal. In reality, however, most societies are organized in social hierarchies by which people are attributed a certain status or rank which is likely to result in an unequal distribution of societal resources. Social stratification is a characteristic of society, it has persisted over generations and it is universal. The most dominant form of stratification is class division- a phenomenon that is artistically expressed and interpreted in the piece of Wanainchi.

Wanainchi is a Swahili word which literally translates to the ordinary low citizenry. Society is divided and made up of classes- the ruling class and the political class on top of the hierarchy and the ordinary citizenry/ Wanainchi on the bottom. The ruling class are the minority in society, a group of wealthy people that influence government decisions, typically rich and powerful (capitalists) who control all production and its means. They are followed in rank by the political class, also a minority in society, who run the day to day affairs of the state and, together, build the government. Lastly, the Wanainchi, settled at the bottom of the hierarchy, constitute the majority of the population in society. They do the jobs at the ground, work in industries for the capitalistic ruling class and vote for the political class in hope for a representation of their voice.

In the production we specifically look and focus at the Wanainchi , ordinary citizens working and struggling endlessly to make ends meet, their daily struggle and experience in society especially at work for instance in a factory of a tycoon capitalist who does not provide proper working conditions for her workers. She is harsh to them, pays them little wages yet she is being protected by the government as an investor. The politicians who were voted by the citizenry betrayed their own people for personal advantages and went into collaboration with the ruling class. They make policies that favor each other at the expense of the ordinary citizens, leaving the Wanainchi to suffer from the excruciating conditions.

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