2016 Perfomances

Africa’s Hope

Mashirika Africa’s Hope is a story of survival and hope, It is the Rwandan genocide against the tusti through the eye of a child,a constant work in progress that has evolved tremendously since its first staging 2004 with a cast of over 1,000 people ,the piece speaks to the beast that lives inside of everyone and

See You Yesterday

An assemblage of kinetically realized stories and memories—played out in stunning acrobatics, tumbling, balance, and juggling—See You Yesterday physically embodies the emotional and intellectual risks required to address a previously unspeakable past. Nineteen young Cambodian circus performers, second-generation survivors of the Khmer Rouge, explode a legacy of silence using their world-class circus skills to imagine the

Afro Man Spice

Afro Man Spice is a play about three African women who each tell their relationship experiences with men. Coming from different backgrounds and social classes, Marina, an independent woman is pushed into a psychotic break after her failed marriage. Her neighbor Kendra, a lonely woman despises and calls her a mad woman of no class. The

Ma Petite Colline

Ma Petite Colline is a journey of sound and rhythm in Africa and more specifically in Rwanda, the country of a thousand hills. It explores the complex causes of conflict but also a praise of life, respect and cultural diversity through the friendship between two children from different backgrounds. This piece presents games, Rwandan traditional dances,