2017 Perfomances

Desolation in Chains

Spot Lite CrewUganda Desolation in chains is a theatrical dance production/performance that focuses on the humanitarian side in prison life. The after math of a court sentence to a criminal in courts of law. The production focuses on the harsh conditions, environment and tasks in prisons, for instance forced hard labor, congestion, corporal punishments, and

Run of the Power

Performed by Street Dancers CompanyDRC The small story of a colonized country that believes it has an independence but always ends itself in strengths of power unremittingly … the piece quoted above is a reflexive replica converted by movements showing a thirst for power that everything The world envies and runs after to have certainly

Humanity Rising

Performed by B.R.I.D.G.E. Theatre Project and Mashirika Performing Arts and Media CompanyUSA / Rwanda

Recontre / The Meeting Point

Performed by Abdoul Mujyambere and Nina HarrisRwanda / USA This piece is an exploration of the relationship between two people from two different worlds. It looks at the effects of differences in place, time and culture on a relationship, and how, in spite of those differences, two people can be drawn together. It reveals the