2018 Perfomances

Love in the Time of Revolution

Performed by   Moving Assembly Project Nelson Mandela University Dane Hurst South Africa and UK Love in the Time of Revolution will look at the love story between Nelson and Winnie Mandela during the time of struggle against Apartheid rule in South Africa.

Soul Seekers

Performed by Mokhallad RasemIraq and Belgium Soul Seekers is a performance integrating video and technology that aims to reconcile the desires of past, preset, and future in humanity. The integrated video was created from a six-week stay at an asylum (where he was previously a resident) in which time Mokhallad interviewed and created the film


Performed by   KininsoKoncepts Production   Joshua AlabiNigeria A Poetry Physical-theatre and dance performance chronicling man’s different belief about Negativity and positivity of Life, through his perception. The race of life and man’s destiny, contrasting between good and evil, poor or rich, existence and essence and all that occurs till the end of mankind. The

La Négrophile

Written by Zakiya Iman Markland, directed by Tatiana Pandiani, stage managed & lighting designed by Mariana VallejoUSA A Note from the Playwright: This piece is for the universal black girl who society has taught to un-love aspects of herself— to un-love, question, or curse the various ways her black beauty is expressed —and who has

Too Early for Birds

Performed by HistronautsKenya Too Early for Birds is a storytelling session where we tell the stories of unspoken heroes including Reverend Timothy Njoya who fought for the rights of Kenyans, helping in the shaping in the current state of affairs.

Can You Hear Me Now

Performed by  Mashirika Performing Arts and Media Company  Julia Heinrichs, Director  Brian Geza and Hope AzedaRwanda and UK Can You Hear Me Now examines the relationship between social media and the mental health of young people through a mixed-media performance of dance, theater, and poetry.

Thought Curfew

Performed by Ruwanthie de Chickera and DavidSri Lanka and UK Thought Curfew is a lyrical performance which explores the manner in which entire communities of people can be rendered unthinking in a moment. Thought Curfew addresses the outbreak of sudden and widespread violence and examines the individuals’ negotiation with fast spreading senselessness.