Desperate to Fight (Ethiopia / Uganda)

Performed by: Phillip Luswata, Gladys Oyenbot
Writer: Meaza Worku

In the cosmopolitan City of Addis Ababa, Marta is fighting to lead a life worth living. After three failed marriages, Marta is forced to try yet another marriage arranged by her mother as the solution to biting social judgment.

Cut Off My Tongue (Kenya)

Performed by: Sitawa Namwalie, Melvin Alusa, Aleya Kassam, Willy Rama, Boaz Otieno.
Director: Elizabeth Senja Spackman
Music Director: Alice Karunditu
Choreographer: Veronica O’odal

On June 27, 2008, just four months after Kenya’s violent general election, Cut off my Tongue , a dramatized poetry performance, was staged in Nairobi at the Ramoma Gallery. 

Bound Together (Rwanda)

Performed by: Simon Rwema, Arthur Nkunsi, Wendy Nabukera, Grace Uwimbabazi, Amina Umuhoza, Lea Ndererimana, Beaute Mushashi, Andy Kayigi, Alex Heskey, Yves Kijyana, Robert Nizeyimana, Fiona Mutoni, Lilian Irakunda, Liza Umulisa, Jasmine Kibatega, Abdul Mujyambere
Choreographer: Brian Geza

In a world full of uproar, greed, hostilities and yet affection, hope and love, BOUND TOGETHERamplifies the silenced voices of humanity.