Ubumuntu Arts Festival 2019



Kafka’s Ape

Performed by Tony Bonani
South Africa

The final year tour of the acclaimed and award winning production adapted from Franz Kafka’s short story “A Report to an Academy” to speak to a contemporary South African context about the dangers of internalised stereotypes and judgements of others. Red Peter speaks from the heart and shares the depth of his human transformation story. He narrates a story about an ape who is trapped by ties to his primate origins and his past ‘identity’, In seeking self-preservation, he has decided to abandon his ‘identity’ to learn and assume that of human beings.

Expressions of Peace

Performed by Alexander Star & Umubano School Students
Rwanda and the US

For the fifth edition, Alexander Star worked with students at Umubano Academy to help them create an original song which they named High Favor. This collaboration was powered by the Tony Randall foundation.


Performed by Annamaria Waliczky

Everything is white. Nowhere a blur of colour to be seen. But how is that possible? Whose ink has been extinguished? How beautiful would it be to sink into the yellow of the sunflower, to taste the red of raspberry juice or to swim within the blue of the sky. After all life is just motley with colours! And much more beautiful! I spy with my eye, I spy something … green! From where is it coming?